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24/7 AC Repair Service | Same Day Service In Cape Coral

Nicholas Longo
June 12, 2023

Priority Air Conditioning Repair: Troubleshooting Common HVAC Problems

Priority Air Conditioning understands the importance of a fully functional HVAC system, especially in our hot and humid climate here in Cape Coral. Our team of skilled professional technicians provides reliable and efficient air conditioning repair services to ensure your home stays cool and comfortable year-round. There are some common air conditioning problems that you can be aware of and well cover how to troubleshoot them.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant is a common problem that can cause your AC unit to stop working properly. If left unchecked, low refrigerant can lead to frozen evaporator coils, which can cause many additional problems including restriction of air flow, But there are signs. Some of these things to look out for when you suspect your air conditioner is low on refrigerant include an instant spike in your electric bill, ice appearing on refrigerant lines, water leaks around the condenser, your home not cooling, your vents blow warm air, your home never gets down to the desired temperature set on your thermostat, or you hear hissing or bubbling noises in the AC unit.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Another common cause of frozen evaporator coils is a lack of airflow. Over time, insufficient airflow will cause the coil's condensation to freeze over. The presence of ice on evaporator coils can create a feedback loop where more ice forms until the coils are entirely frozen. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent these problems by taking proactive steps, such as regular maintenance by a quality AC company, changing air filters, keeping supply vents open so they don't restrict air flow.

Dirty Condenser Coils

When dirt and grime accumulate on condenser coils over time, the heat transfer is significantly reduced, causing the evaporator coils to freeze. If the system can't expel the heat outside, then it means no cool air inside. Since evaporator coils are often sealed and challenging to repair, we highly recommend contacting one of our expert HVAC technicians if you believe a good clean of your condenser coils is needed. Keeping the area around your unit clear of debris and having your coils cleaned every few years will help to keep your Ac system running at peak performance.

Fan Problems

If your evaporator coils freeze over then the blower fan will likely overheat after straining to pull air through coils encased in ice. Some signs of fan problems include: the AC fans won't start or stop, the blades rotate slowly, you notice loud rattling, humming, or buzzing noises, or your AC turns off erratically. Think crazy noises. To troubleshoot fan problems, you should check the fan blades for damage, check the fan motor for defects, and check the fan belt (if you have one) for wear and tear.

Leaking Ducts

Leaky ducts can cause many problems. uneven airflow from your heating or AC system or condensation around the connections are just the start of the havoc this problem can inflict on your home. This issue also sometimes results in unusually high energy bills, or stuffy indoor conditions, and drywall damage under the leak. At Priority Air Conditioning, we utilize an all-hazards approach. we'll completely disassemble the affected area then reseal it and mastic the entire area to perfection. This ensures that you will never have a problem with that section of your duct. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, give us a call. We can get into attics and crawl spaces to inspect your ductwork for holes, poor insulation, and twisted segments.

Pools of Water Forming Around AC Unit

When moisture begins pooling around an AC unit, it may be the sign of a deeper problem. If you suspect this is what you're seeing, then some of the things you'll want to look out for are a faulty condensation pump or a blocked drain line. This can happen more often than you think, we've even written an entire article on this problem alone. I've linked it below. In any case the short version of this is if condensation cannot exit the unit as intended, the water will overflow and leak out. This can lead to mold/mildew and even worse if your air handler is in an attic like in many older homes. Troubleshoot this problem by inspecting the condensate drain and ensuring it's not blocked. Contact one of our expert HVAC technicians to fix any other issues.

These issues can happen at any time, and waiting for regular business hours to have your system repaired is often not an option. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair services to our customers. Our team of experienced technicians is available around the clock to handle any HVAC emergency you may encounter. Whether your AC has stopped working on a hot summer night, or your system has developed a fault during a holiday, call us, Priority Air Conditioning. Don't let an HVAC emergency cause discomfort or damage to your home, call Priority Air Conditioning for prompt, reliable service any time of the day or night.

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